Memorial Garden
The Quail Hollow Memorial Garden was established to honor Quail Hollow residents. It is located on the west side of the 2500 block of Quail Hollow Lane (in the power line right of way). The garden is planted with native, drought-tolerant plants which require only rainfall for their subsistence and is maintained by the Quail Hollow Garden Club.
A bench, whereupon plaques with names of loved ones are attached, has been placed in the garden. Below is a list of honorees as of December 1, 2018: 
Thad Allen Billings
Alee & Sharon Cromer
Raymond & Alecia Diamond
David Dunlap
Gayla Farrar
Michael H. Gatti
Sarah Elizabeth Jones
Michael Ellis Lee
Jean S. Mathias
Dr. Homer Mathias
Frances S. McMaster
Virginia Miller
Paul Ray Sightler
Mike Stamps
Michael F. Zinna, Jr.
A donation of $100 to the Quail Hollow Garden Club will assist with maintenance of the garden and enable the installation of a plaque honoring a Quail Hollow resident. Anyone interested in doing so should contact Margie Billings at 803-794-6789.